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Tees to Different Beat

Upon Your Elbow is a feminist-focused t-shirt brand created by me, Nora Kehoe-Clair. UYE was created out of my own desire to create accessible feminist fashion to a different beat. Each piece is designed to catch your eye and remind you of your own power.


UYE’s feminism strives to be meaningfully intersectional. It celebrates the themes of freedom, growth, unity, love and hope inherent in equality. 

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This is a

Feminist Love Story

I’m Nora, the creator of Upon Your Elbow. I started UYE after struggling to find feminist-focused t-shirts that reflected the bold and bright designs that resonate with my joyful brand of feminist.

I am passionate about the intersection of feminist issues and women's mental health. My t-shirts are designed to be not only a mode of self-expression, but also a tool for self-care that reminds you of your own possibility.


I believe in advocacy for equality. Inspired by powerful words of diverse voices, I try to emulate the spirit of freedom, growth, unity, love, and hope.

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